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Discover Cagliari - Nature & Sea

Lungomare New York 11 Settembre, 353, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy

Discover Cagliari - Nature & Sea

Lungomare New York 11 Settembre, 353, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy


Cagliari is full of wonders and places you wouldn’t expect!
To be so close to the sea is one of its most attractive features and in the city you can also find several parks and gardens. What do you think about collecting this badge and starting to discover the natural beauties of the city?
Ajò! (i.e. “Let’s go!” in Sardinian)

For this activity, you can start from the harbour and go exploring through Marina and the Passeggiata di Su Siccu from there.

Otherwise, if you’re tackling this activity after the first one in the Discover Cagliari playlist, it might be more convenient for you to go uphill first and then visit the harbour.

We’re attaching the maps of these two suggested itineraries in the resources section, but you're free to make your own way!
We recommend the use of Google Maps for finding your way, but be aware that there's a "secret" way to reach Passeggiata Su Siccu from the harbour that Google won't tell you about. Look at the pictures above, the red arrows will guide you.

Hint: if you don’t have internet access through your phone’s mobile data, turn on your wi-fi and look for “Free Wi-Fi Ca” network. Much of the city centre is covered by this open wi-fi network that allows you to navigate for 3 consecutive hours for free by just accepting their terms and conditions.

You’ll have to complete at least 2 of the 4 listed tasks in order to claim your badge.


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Discover Cagliari - Nature & Sea Get this badge

The holder of this badge has explored the natural beauties of Cagliari, and especially the seaside and harbour, and learned about local flora and fauna.

The earner has:
  • visited the historical centre and learned about its history;
  • explored the local area and learned about local flora and fauna;
  • developed their social skills by talking to the local population to discover information;
  • practiced how to read a map and find their way in an unknown location;
  • used digital tools (e.g. Google Maps) and developed their digital competence;
  • practiced their English speaking and learned some words in Italian and/or Sardinian.

At least 2 out of 4 tasks must be completed in order to claim this badge.
You have to finish 2 tasks to get the badge
Task no.1
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Cagliaritani (the citizens of Cagliari) love to decorate their streets with potted plants - sometimes to an extreme degree!

Use Google Maps to find either “Via Stretta” or “Via Giovanni Antonio Piccioni”.
While there, use Google Lens (or another app to identify plants) to discover the name of at least 2 plants that you can see.
Take screenshots of the results and upload them here as evidence.
Task no.2
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Where there's the sea, there are boats and ships, and in Cagliari you'll find a huge variety of them.
Go to the harbour and take a picture of the weirdest and coolest looking boat that you can see, or the one that you like the most - then upload it as evidence!
Is your favourite a sailing boat, or a fancy yacht? Maybe it's a big cruise ship, or maybe a small fishing boat...?
Task no.3
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Find “Passeggiata di Su Siccu”, the promenade that from the main harbour leads to the smaller fishermen harbour called Su Siccu.
Take a panoramic picture of the sea-view and upload it as evidence.
Sometimes, if you’re really lucky, you can even see dolphins playing in the waves around the docks...
Task no.4
Evidence verified by: one activity organiser
Find the flamingos!
Did you know that Cagliari hosts one of the biggests colonies of pink flamingos in the Mediterranean? They’re a symbol of the city, so you can’t really go without finding at least one!

Take a picture of them, if you can spot them flying above the city, or look for one of the many flamingo souvenirs that are sold in town and take a selfie with your favourite one - then upload it as evidence.

Hint: souvenir shops in Marina are a good place to start.


Lungomare New York 11 Settembre, 353, 09125 Cagliari CA, Italy


#work in teams
#interact verbally in English
#guidance, navigation and control
#read maps
#use digital instruments
#conduct research on fauna
#conduct research on flora
Environment end ecology
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