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GameOn Seminar: Game Design for Inclusion

GameOn Seminar Presenter

This badge is issued to people who presented an experience or led a workshop during the Seminar Game Design for Inclusion organised on November 14th to 18th in Cagliari, by Associazione Interculturale NUR in cooperation with the partners of the Erasmus+ capacity-building project Game On: Inclusion through educational game design.
To earn this badge, presenters must complete the task described below.

The Game Design for Inclusion Seminar brought together 30 participants from Italy, Lithuania, Serbia and Spain with the goal to:
  • share good practices about game design for inclusion (inclusion in game design processes, designing games which purpose is to promote inclusion);
  • multiply inclusive game design (through training, workshops);
  • support new international partnerships;
  • scale-up the project's outcomes through dissemination and multiplying activities and strategies.

Presenters had to prepare for, organise and facilitate their workshop and/or presentation during the Seminar, with the support of the Game On project team.

This project is part of the Cities of Learning collaboration by partners of Barcelona City of Learning, Cagliari Metropolitan City of Learning, Novi Sad City of Learning and Vilnius City of Learning.
Partner organisations: Associazione Interculturale NUR (Italy), BalkanIDEA Novi Sad (Serbia), Idealúdica (Spain), Nectarus (Lithuania), Nexes Interculturals de Joves per Europa (Spain) and Universitat de Barcelona (Spain).

Co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
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To earn this badge, share your highlights from leading your workshop or presentation during the Seminar:
How did it go?
Did you learn something new?
Was it challenging, or inspiring?

If you'd prefer, you can share a picture of your favourite moment from your session instead.
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GameOn Seminar: Game Design for Inclusion
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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union